The journey begins……


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  1. londonorbust Says:

    Really the journey began back in April 2007 when we found the lump in Trevor’s neck however this is the start of the last week before I leave for England and I feel it really signifies our last journey together. This is where I have been heading since Trevor died.
    I have decided I am going to use this part of my blog as a sort of diary of my trip to England and since I’m beginning to get the jitters, tonight seems a good time to start in the lead up to my departure next Sunday. I had hoped to be pretty well sorted in relation to luggage etc by the end of this weekend but here it is late Sunday and I still haven’t got that far. Little wonder I have the jitters!
    Anyway I have a busy week ahead with one thing and another culminating in a family get together for dinner on Friday night. Peta is taking me to the airport on Saturday morning (flight leaves at 6am!!!!! Ouch) so it won’t be a late night.
    Well I don’t want to be boring so I’ll leave this at that point and pick up the thread when I have the chance. If anyone is following this ~ stay tuned!

  2. londonorbust Says:

    My last night at home and only hours to go before I head off to the airport to catch the 6am flight to Sydney. I feel as I usually do before settling down the night before I leave for a holiday ~ just can’t get myself sorted to do just a few little things. A cuppa now and then I’ll be set!
    We had a shared family dinner tonight when Peta, Jack, Laura, Marley and Charlotte, Tom and Danni, Dad and my brother Chris were here. It was lovely, as always to be together and share a meal.
    Time to pack up. Maybe a word tomorrow from Sydney…….

    • londonorbust Says:

      I’m on my way! Didn’t get to bed til 12.45 this morning and was up again at 3 in order to get to the airport for my 6am flight. Aaron drove up from Canberra and collected me from the airport before a drive around Sydney’s beautiful beaches and over the Harbour Bridge. I hadn’t been here for 41/2 years and really hadn’t expected to be back. It truly is a beautiful city and well worth a visit for those who have never been here.
      Visited with friends for lunch and got to meet their 4 month old twins. So much work!!!!!
      Very, very tired after a long, long day so we’re nestled into a motel at the airport all set for my international launch tomorrow. Just hope it’s more comfortable then this morning’s flight where my knees were jammed into the seat in front!!!

  3. Had meant to send you best wishes before you left, but I hope you are having a wonderful time over there in Pommyland!! Don’t let yourself get too tired – you need to be able to enjoy it all.

  4. Pamela Carter Says:

    Waiting in the Wings for your first post from UK. I have lived in Brisbane/Gold Coast for 50 years and the dust storms over the past 5 days are the worst I have seen since Denial Bay/Ceduna days, glad you aren’t here.

  5. londonorbust Says:

    Here it is one week after I arrived in the UK and at last I have found a way to make contact and also to give a bit of an update. Here’s hoping it works.
    Tracey, Pam and Shash, thanks for posting and apologies for the delay.
    What a wonderful time I am having. The weather has been amazing (don’t believe anything you hear about the English weather!), the whole journey absolutely beyond description, the people friendly and welcoming. I am truly blessed and that is an understatement.
    Because I’m dragging the chain a bit and am a week behind, I won’t go into too many details as I’ll be typed out and you’ll be bored silly. Have seen the mos beautiful countryside in this area ~ hedge rows and the like, old, old buildings, cobblestones ~ the works.
    Down to London on Thursday last and man! that was an experience never to be forgotten. Words fail me. It is such a HUGE city, full of history and architecture that just blows me away. Each corner was/is like the page of a book and a new story is unfolded each time you turn. It truly is amazing.
    The walk on Saturday was unbelievable to say the very least. We had a warm up prior to the start and the names of those who have passed were read out , followed by a minute’s silence. That was VERY emotional and a fitting tribute to Trevor. It was lovely to share with our friends who have taken the his cancer journey with us.
    It was such a privilege to be invited to countdown to the start of the walk, plus sound the hooter ~ I was fine with that however when I got onto the stage/bandstand, Dr Joshi invited me to ‘say a few words’. I was very happy to do that however with no preparation and being totally breathless from the ‘warm up’, it was a challenge. I think I said what I would’ve wanted to say however, I guess I’ll never know! The feedback was positive so here’s hoping they weren’t just being kind. It was a great sight to see 750 people set off on the sound of the hooter but an even better sight to see finish line at the end of the 10kms. An absolutely wonderful day, fabulous weekend and fantastic camaraderie. I wonder if my life will ever be the same…….. Probably not, I suspect.
    Well I must away as I’m sure there is something I should be doing. With no phone function and without my own computer, I feel a little hamstrung.
    Thanks for tuning in and wondering how I am. I hope you’re all over the dust. I saw some pics on and it looked pretty weird in Sydney. Can’t imagine it.
    Might get a chance to catch up again soon.
    Lots of love everyone

  6. DEAR DEB,
    ONYA !

  7. londonorbust Says:

    Hi All
    Well tonight Angie and I returned from our holiday in Ireland. Wow! What an experience! What a beautiful country! What an EXPENSIVE country!
    The weather over there was terrific as well, although yesterday and today were a bit cooler than previously, it was generally very comfortable.
    One thing that takes a bit of getting used to over here is the fact that there is no air con! I know it’s not hot and therefore not necessary to be cooling things, but what I miss is the feel of fresh air, or the air movement. Have been a bit warm! I also miss a good cold drink, one with chinking ice and some condensation on the glass (oh for some of your green cordial, Jen. Is it ‘chinky green’?). Funny how you just think that things are a certain way!
    We went on a bus trip on Thursday to a place called County Wicklow where we visited the remains of a walled village. How amazing it is to stand among ruins that were constructed in the 10th and 11th century! It’s almost impossible to get your head around such ages when the best we can come up with at home is a couple of hundred years and are then astounded at that!!!
    I have looked at beautiful, functioning buildings that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Buildings that are still standing and being used. It’s beyond belief.
    How beautiful it has been to see ‘babbling brooks’ with clear running water over stony bottoms (now that took me back to my childhood). So many things to try to remember.
    Yesterday we took the train for a ride to the seaside in a town called Howth. Now many of you will think this is like the ‘houth’ you live in but no! This is in Ireland don’t you know and so it is pronounced Howt. Very funny. When we were on the bus tour the other day our guide was telling us about the Helt Autority (yes, the health authority). It’s a great accent but it has been very, very surprising to hear so many of what I thought were Russian accents but that Angie informs me are Polish. It is very strange.
    Anyway, back to Howt. We just got off the train and walked along the pier, which has various sea food outlets and restaurants/cafes along it along one side. It was great to stand there and watch the activity in the water where a number of seals were giving the seagulls (which are as big as eagles!!!!) a bit of competition for the food being thrown by onlookers.
    Needless to say, the food was absolutely beautiful (in the cafes, not what the seals and seagulls were eating!!!) and we made good use of it into the bargain!
    Jen it was great to hear from you but for some reason I am unable to ‘approve’ your message which is why it doesn’t show on here. As you can see I am having THE best time and can’t believe that this time next week I’ll be at home in my own bed! Time has flown by. You MUST get that lotto win done and dusted because you would absolutely go crazy over here…….. and the countryside in Ireland would blow your mind.
    Well it’s now 1.05 am here so best I hit the hay. I think I’m on the move tomorrow so need to get my beauty sleep.
    Love you all


  9. Bec Barnett Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    What an adventure you’re having! It sound’s like it will have a lasting impact- lots of fantastic memories. When will you be back?

    Love from Bec

  10. It sounds like you are having just the best time. Sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner and I am not sure when you will be returning but just had to read about your travels and experiences. You deserve the best Deb and I look forward to catching up and hear about it all on your return. Love you mate

  11. suebernhardt Says:

    Life is full of Vesta situations ,sounds like you are having many of them. Good on you. Yes the country side, history etc is amazing and awe inspiring. I wonder how you will reflect and be inspired once you are back home? Not long now to share your experiences with the family etc. Looking forward to chatting. Hey I have some news Bronson and Jo are going to be parents. All very exciting
    Take care and God bless
    love Sue

  12. Hi Deb,
    Soooo pleased you had a great time. The walk must have been very special and I am sure your little speech very apt. Tonight is my first sleep at home since Aug 31st which is why there has been little communication from me – couldn’t get your blog at my friends place . Four years today since Frank succumbed to the roltten C so I guess I am feeling a bit reflective. The red dust came in again yesterday so I am pleased I didn’t clean through after the last one, might even shout myself a cleaner for a couple of hours as I still have the pinched Sciatic nerve. Let me know sometime what your final donation was please. Much love from Pam

    • londonorbust Says:

      Hi Pam
      I hope you got my email. I’m not sure why I couldn’t get into this the other day/night but here I am at last.
      I hope you’re feeling a bit brighter and settled back in at home. You sure had a big break.
      I have finally sorted through my photos and hopefully will get to update my blog sometime soon! There is never a dull moment in my life but I’m working on it and just as soon as I’m able to get on top of things, I’ll be back ………..

  13. Hi lovely Aunt,
    So glad your trip was AMARZING!. Hope my hot tip with the seat number and extra leg room paid off or that you are at least able to stretch those delightful long legs of yours out again. We caught up with Pop very breifly on the trip down south and it was grand to see the dolls house again. Heading down at xmas hols start here on the 12 of december so be down promptly after that.
    Hope your well thinking of you
    and a biig love to tom and dani
    lots of love

    • londonorbust Says:

      Hi Hannah May
      As always, a lovely surprise to hear from you. I was sorry to miss you even though it was because I was off on my recent overseas holiday at the time! I didn’t get to test out your seat theory although I have managed to score the exit aisle previously and it was quite spacious. I really didn’t have an issue with ‘room’ on any flight other than good old Tiger from Adelaide/Sydney and vice versa. Actually on the return trip I was rather glad I was cram packed in because otherwise I’d have been falling all over my fellow travellers (or the floor!) because I could not have kept my eyes open if I was being paid a motza to do it. Very, very tired by then. Malaysia Airlines were recommended to me because of room and food and I found both to be very satisfactory. Mind you, I’d rather have been travelling business instead of pleb class but one must remember one’s place, mustn’t one?
      Great news that you will be having Christmas with us. It will be terrific to have ‘extras’ since we will have some ‘spaces’ at the table.
      As I said to Pam, I hope to get my blog functioning as it was intended soon (probably be after the weekend as I’m working Sat and Sun) and will get some pictures posted too.
      I will give your love to Tom and Danni. I can give your their address if you like?
      Catch you soon
      Your ever-lovin’ aunt

  14. Happy Saturday Morning Deb,
    Just thinking of you all and wondering how goes with Jack & Danni’s bub.
    Moving back into my main bedroom this weekend-the one you slept in. As I have no flatmate and no houseminding decided I might as well have a big bed to sleep in.
    So glad you have nice memories from your trip to look back on. Frank used to say that the memories were almost as good as being there!!
    Heaps of love from your affectionate S.I.L

  15. londonorbust Says:

    Well! After many hiccups and delays (and frustrations!) I hope that I am now able to complete the story of my wonderful trip to England and Ireland …….
    Monday 5th Sept.
    Angie and I caught the train from Congleton to Manchester Piccadilly (what does that mean I wonder?) where Angie waved me off on my 2 and a half hour journey across country to Lincolnshire.
    It really was such a pretty trip and of course the trains are so much more comfortable than those at home that even if the scenery hadn’t been lovely, it would’ve been a pleasant trip anyway. I missed some great opportunities for photos of the countryside, which was a shame. I should’ve been better prepared. I forget the name of the area that was so pretty but it was very hilly and green (as was everything I suppose!). Another sight I thoroughly enjoyed was a canal with lots of barges. Drat! I had missed a couple of photo ops at various times, of A barge on a tiny canal but this was something else, must’ve been a mooring area perhaps. They all looked great, very colourful and, I thought, gypsyish. It would make for an interesting holiday.
    Tony met me at the station and it was great to see him. He was all smiles and looking happy. Anyone would think we knew each other! A warm hug goes a long way and Kathy’s welcome was equally as warm and welcoming when we called past the factory.
    After we off –loaded my gear at their place, we were off to have a look around. There is a very big bridge over the River Humber, near to their place and I found it quite interesting. It’s a very high bridge over a muddy, turbulent, scary-looking river but there are no high fences to deter those who might fancy taking the lateral exit!
    We visited a town called Beverley, which was once a walled city. Part of the wall is still there and looking as strong as anything built 50 years ago! There I saw my first Minster and was, once again impressed by age and vastness of architecture. We didn’t go into this although we did go into another building ~ another minster ?, cathedral? Whatever the name, it was beautiful and imposing. Fascinating and just amazing.
    In the centre of the town is a large cobblestoned area that is home to markets on the weekends. That I would love to see. The old buildings around this ‘plaza’ (for want of a better word) were interesting, different and all in use. One place in particular took my eye for it’s wonky dormer window. It all looked very sound in spite of the mis-alignment but I’m sure it wouldn’t still be standing at home ~ unsafe or something would be the reason for it’s removal.
    What a surprise to wake to light, misty rain on Tuesday morning! Ahhhhhh. We had a 2-hour drive to Yorkshire where we met with Liz (Cookey) at a pub called The Kestrel. Dare I say how interesting the building itself was????? The heavy beams that went every which way on the ceiling, were so low I had to duck under them.
    As with everyone, it was so good to meet Liz. Man she can talk (no wonder she and Trevor got along so well!). We had a delicious meal and warm, friendly conversation over a couple of hours before we headed off in different directions. It’s a shame it was such a short visit however maybe our next meeting will be at Adelaide airport one day. That would be nice. Who knows?
    There was a funny incident when we arrived at the pub. We came upon the pub fairly quickly and were passed it before we knew so had to do a u-ey and head back. There, parked on the side of the road was a laden hearse! There was no sign of a cortege or a cemetery so it was very peculiar. Not something you see every day!
    On Wednesday we went to York. They have a park and drive system there to minimise traffic in the city. A great idea and the lack of traffic adds to the charm, or doesn’t detract from the feel of the place.
    I really loved York. There were so many different things about it that I found appealing. There were lots of cobblestones, and in parts I’m sure if you stood, arms outstretched in the middle of the street you could touch the buildings on each side! Yes! It’s narrow. Once again, these old, old buildings are all in use and the shops were very attractive (for those among us who like to DO the shops!). Shopping wasn’t the purpose of the visit though and we had a great time taking in the sights.
    We went to Viking World, which could have been very touristy but I didn’t find it to be so. Since I know nothing of the history of the Vikings, it was a great set up and display. The centre is constructed over the actual archaeological digs and there was a functioning ‘town’, which showed just how York would have been back in those times. The Vikings invaded in 700 something. Once again, I was blown away by these times. We Aussies and our country are such babies!
    York Minster is out of this world! It’s absolutely massive, huge, enormous (get the picture?) and has such a lot of ornate detail throughout. I’m totally fascinated by how they were able to design and then build these magnificent buildings at a time when they had minimal ‘technology’.
    I guess you all remember cracker night and the fella responsible for it? Guy Fawkes. Born in York in 1570 and guess what? I had a drink in the house in which he was born! Get that! It’s as sound as any pub I’ve ever been to anywhere and yet it’s 500 years old! We also saw a pub that has been in operation since (I think) 1450!
    We had a good look through the Guild Hall too. I wish I could think of some adjectives I haven’t yet used to describe buildings but I can’t so suffice to say it too was amazing.
    Our big day out in York was finished off nicely with a delicious dinner in a restaurant by the River Ouse. When I say it was by the river, I mean it was REALLY by the river because I’m sure the building was below the waterline!
    Thursday 8th October ~ my last day here. It was a beautiful morning, quite brisk and the air was very, very fresh ~ my favourite kind of morning, and we all headed to the station for an early start. Saying goodbye to Kathy was my first farewell and it felt awful leaving her there as Tony escorted me to Manchester (wanted to be sure this bloody woman was out of his hair!). It was a nice trip and it was such easy, comfortable conversation with this person I had met only two weeks earlier (well, in this life at least!?). We all connected so well I’m sure we’ve known each other before ………
    I was able to check in for my flight as soon as we reached the terminal so we had time to have a cuppa and eventually managed to be in the same place as Angie as she’d had a bit of difficulty finding where we were. All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Tony and for him to catch his train back home. There were lovely hugs all round and then some more and a reminder to ‘pick up the phone, anytime’ How lovely this has all been. And how special the people involved.
    That left Angie and me right there in Manchester airport where we had met just 18 days ago ~ not months, or years, but days. We had gotten along so well and had so much fun and seen and done so much in that time, it certainly seemed as though we had known each other for much longer. We said our goodbyes and were both pretty well behaved and didn’t create a scene, but the tears were genuine. We had shared something pretty special that wouldn’t be fully understood by anyone who hadn’t had the some experience as us.
    The flight to London from Manchester is only short and so it’s not a very ‘high’ flight. It’s easy to get a good, clear view of the countryside and it was beautiful. Flying over London was a huge buzz because as the seasoned London traveller that I now am, I was able to pick out some of the landmarks. Firstly I saw London Bridge and because I knew it’s location in relation to St Paul’s, I could pick that out too. I knew where to look for The Eye (yes! I have been on the London Eye!) Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey ~ me! The London travel guide.
    I had hours to kill at Heathrow and until I could check in my luggage, I took advantage of the opportunity to get my journal up to date. There was much writing to do! Once checked in I had the chance to do some duty free shopping. That departure area is like a small city! So big. So many shops and many more people! It was (or I was, anyway) so dreadfully hot in the duty free shops I didn’t shop up the storm I had hoped for. Never mind!
    The flight to Kuala Lumpur was long but uneventful and I managed to get a lot of sleep I thought. Once in the KL terminal, I wasn’t venturing too far and passed the time window shopping and keeping up my fluids! I bought myself a little keepsake of my trip and without too much waiting it was soon time to board my flight for Sydney.
    I had another couple of hours to kill and managed OK until about the last half hour before departure for Adelaide. It felt like I’d been slammed into a brick wall! I COULD NOT keep my eyes open. Even though I was sitting in the departure lounge, I was afraid I’d miss my flight because if I had gone to sleep, there is no way I would have been able to wake up! I was flying Tiger Airways (a VERY cheap, fledgling Australian airline) and I was jammed tight into the middle seat between two young women. It was probably for the best that I was stuck, knees to back between the seats and side-to-side between my fellow passengers because I fear I would’ve fallen to the floor (or on top of one or both of those girls!) in the depths of my sleep. Welcome to the world of jetlag. Very interesting.
    A fault of some kind with the luggage carousel in Adelaide left me standing for an hour waiting for my luggage while Peta and my Dad circled, waiting to pick me up. It was Saturday 10th October at about 5pm and I was home, back in the ‘real’ world.
    I couldn’t then and I can’t now find the words to describe the experience of this trip, the friendships I made, the kindness and generosity of my new friends so I won’t even try. The purpose of my visit to London was to walk in Trevor’s memory and raise funds and awareness for the Mouth Cancer Foundation and I did it. He would’ve been very proud and absolutely thrilled to hear the stories of the effect he and his strong spirit had on others ~ as was I.
    Thank you so much to EVERYONE (here and overseas!) who has helped me in any way, supporting my fundraising, helping with preparations for various things, making and or donating goods for my fundraising, and for supporting me generally through the tough times before and after Trevor died. I love you all and owe you all big time!
    Thanks too for your interest in my journey and for following my blog, which, without Peta’s help simply would not exist.

  16. As always Deb another fascinating read. I feel like have been on that fantastic trip with you so thanks for sharing everyhting with us.

    • londonorbust Says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Shash. Maybe we’ll be able to go somewhere together on the next trip?
      Hope you’re feeling better.
      Love you.

  17. Hello to my most wonderful friend Deborah,
    I know I don’t need to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I admire your courage. You and Trevor have always been “there” for me in my many (and seemingly constant) trials and tribulations and I just love you both for everything you’ve done for me.
    I still hear Trevor’s voice in my head, especially when I’m feeling a bit down and it always perks me up and makes me realise that things could be worse.
    Since Trevor’s passing you have again shown me how strong and brave you are and have demonstrated such incredible dedication to the MCF cause.
    I know you have made some fantastic friends through the forum and I’m so glad you have such a solid support system with people who have been through and are going through similar experiences. Your trip to UK was so good for you (on so many levels!) and once again I admire your intestinal fortitude and amazing will to have made it happen when others would have allowed all the “obstacles” to get in the way.
    Now, I have just one more thing to say and it’s not the first time I’ve asked you this so you won’t be surprised………..I’m sure that all your friends and family will agree wth me when I say that I really, really, really beg, plead and implore you to WRITE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!
    It would be a best seller!! You are extremely gifted with the written word and you have sooooooo much to tell.
    With love and admiration
    Deej x x

  18. Helloooo,
    howling and eating chocolate is the sensible thing to do. Thats what i think.
    I hope it is Lindt 70% chocolate cos that is really good for howleating ( i mean it IS almost healthy).
    My email is back to bouncing yours…ps thats why i haven’t been able to reply to your mail and now i forget if it contained important questions or not.
    love you lots
    see you in a few weeks

    • londonorbust Says:

      Howleating. A great word Hannah and I shall add it to my vocabulary! The Lindt sounds pretty damn fine as well ~ much better than the dark Choc Bits I was into this arvo. Uggghhhh! That’s desperation for you.
      Aunt D

  19. i could post you some but im frightened of another heatwave and you would just get a big sloppy goo mess in the letterbox.

  20. I’ve always enjoyed your great way of writing and expressing yourself,Deborah. You really do have a gift and I also think you could write a best seller.
    The wonderful memories you have shared from everything you have experienced, I’m sure , will always bring a smile and be inspirationl for so many others too.
    You did it .
    Love Sue x

    • londonorbust Says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend. I think I’ve got a plan ~ I’ll spend a couple of years of my life researching and writing because I know there are two (2) people in the world who would be interested in reading it. Sounds like a deal, don’t you think?!! One day, maybe.
      I did do it Sue. I’m only now really beginning to realise what I did! How did all of that happen? Why? How? Everything just fell into place somehow. I think the planets must have all been aligned or something because it was a feat to say the least. If someone gets some pleasure OR inspiration from my plan to set out and do a particular thing, then every effort will have been worthwhile (over and above my initial aim of walking in Trevor’s memory and doing my ‘bit’ to express my gratitude for all we had been given in the way of love, support and friendship via the Mouth Cancer Foundation)!
      Life is good. I hope it is for you too.
      Thanks for taking the time to look in on my blog. I hope to catch up soon.

  21. hannahmay Says:


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